The authors of social science books are people before they are political scientists. I bear this in mind when reading what is written and, in the case of people such as Aaron Wildavsky, I hear his strong Brooklyn voice when reading his texts. My relative youth amongst a pioneering generation of political scientists has meant that from time to time I write obituary tributes. Five follow, along with a tribute to a great survivor.

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Photo: Sociable Political Sociologists

Photo: RR receiving PSA lifetime achievement award from Sam Beer

Gabriel Almond

János Kornai

Juan Linz

W. J. M. Mackenzie

Richard Neustadt

Aaron Wildavsky

An interesting set of autobiographical memoirs of European political scientists can be found in Hans Daalder, editor, Comparative European Politics: the Story of a Profession, (London: Pinter, 1997) and of senior political scientists in America, including Gabriel Almond, Juan Linz and others in G. L. Munck and R. Snyder, eds., Passion, Craft and Method in Comparative Politics (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins 2007).