This section of the website contains writings relevant to this memoir written over more than 50 years and not readily available from University-based electronic sources. A full list of academic books and articles is given in the curriculum vitae. Current power point and blogging comments on contemporary comments can be found at www.cspp.strath.ac.uk/talkingpoints.


Lessons from Experience, 2013.

Introduction to Study at Strathclyde, 1981.

Evaluation of the Centre for the Study of Public Policy, 1986.

Weekend Competition: lectureship in politics, 1970.

Social Science as an Export, 1986.

Writing a book is good for you, 2010.

What the Bookshelves Will Show, 2125, 2001 PSA.

Editing a Journal, 2011.

Photo: Mrs McGlone.


Robber fleeing shot, 1955.

Education Crisis, 1956.

Anti-discrimination legislation, 1965.

Democrats in Trouble, 1968.

Harry Truman, 1972.

No place like this home, Carter 1977.

What Political Scientists May Learn from Ronald Reagan, 1985.

Historical Reflections on the Language of Political Science in America and Europe, 2013.



Victorious Conservative Cabinet, 1959.
Labour Party: Sect or Church
, 1960.

Labour's foreign policy divisions, 1951.

Americans in Britain, 1963.

A Yank in Lancashire,1963.

Campaigning for Parliament, 1966.

Do the British Exist, 1972.

Proud to be British, 1984.

Reward without Risk, 1986.

Farewell to bowler hats and cloth caps, 1987.

Political Science and Ideas, 1995.

Big fish, small pond scenario,2001.

Facing Up to Britain's Europe Problem, 2012.

Photo: RR at Delphi



Photo: Cover of Governing without Consensus
Photo: Cover of Northern Ireland: A Time of Choice

Senior pupils banned from Ulster lecture, 1971.

A Problem of Power, 1971.

Turning one's back on Westminster, 1975.

Repartition not the solution, 1975.



What is Europe?, 1996.

Photo: Crosses on the west side

Photo: Rosemary Rose at the Berlin Wall

Blogs on the 2016 UK referendum on EU


Policy Centres and Government

Overloaded Government, 1975.

Who can't get no Satisfaction, 1980.

Jobless do their Homework, 1983.

Understanding Big Government, 1989.

How Patient are People, 1997.
Withdrawal from Iraq, 2007.

Photo: RR in Oval Office
Photo:  Reform Club

Social Medicine Articles


Weekend competition, 1973.

Lohengrin, 2001.

A Lot Can be Communicated in a Year.